Tuesday, April 27, 2004

There's A-Gonna Be A Blog-skinning!


An Attractive Skin Seems to Have Formed on Your Blog

Plans are in the works for my blog to shed its skin. I am wanting some different functions and have located a swell skin but have still to figure out the intricacies of my comments. This might involve more HTML thought than I can summon on Darvocet, time will tell. Besides, I like the title.

When I originally started this blog, the plan was to talk about real education issues and although I have brushed some of these thoughts, I haven't done quite what I wanted. Today I went hunting for other teacher blogs to get ideas and perhaps link to them (the blogroll will happen...part of the new skin). So what is the deal? Every teacher blog I found seemed to be a tirade of nothing but negativity on our schools. They were all critical of testing (I liked that) but supported vouchers (I don't like that). Guess this just leaves me to fill the niche of a tired mostly optimistic teacher with a bent toward gallows humor.

In an effort to spread out and fill this niche, check out NPR's story on grades. I am worn slick with the idea that the only sucess to be had in school is to earn an A. I know education creates its own probem as we encourage students to strive for good grades and then roll our eyes when they demand them, so what's the answer? We can create an atmosphere of acceptance all we want but we still have to live in the real world. Sorry, were you looking for the blogger who had all the answers? Keep surfin' friend.

Comedy comes from Jill today in the form of a midday email. Over to Jill in the Homeschool Newsroom--

"So, we're talking about Jesus' cruxifiction today, and I broach the topic of how certain Christians, long ago (hopefully long ago), blamed Jews for Christ's death and persecuted them. We discussed Pilate's role, and how the washing of his hand was just symbolic. I asked if the kids thought he could have stopped it (meaning, could he have gone against the Jewish leadership). Lare's response: "'Yeah, he could've just said,"Shut your pieholes!'"."

We decided in an afterschool phone call today that we came out about even steven. I won't tell NEA what she is doing to her kids if she won't tell Phyllis Schlafley what I did to mine.

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