Sunday, April 25, 2004

Molar May I?

#30 Molar, I think I will update my blog now. Molar may I?

Yes. You may.

Thanks, #30. I have looked up information regarding a root canal and it isn't pretty. Looky here. Gross. I will be that poor sad little drilled on tooth come Thursday.

No, I will be.

That's right, #30. It is you. You have all that crud at your base and it will be removed. In Stillwater.

Not much to say today but wanted you to see in graphic detail what will happen to my molar and I. Also wanted to direct you to the attractive buttons on the right. This hobby is becoming bigger than all of us now as I have applied to join the Blogarama directory. I await their approval. Note also the BlogOK ring. Playing with that button will take you to other Okie bloggers. Go ahead. You might enjoy what you find.

Molar #30 and I would like to give a big Educat hello to Marty and Bill! Both are old (not old per se, but from long ago) OBU Theatre friends. Ah! The Sandley era!!

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