Thursday, April 29, 2004

Root Canal Road Trip! See the Teacher Bond With Her Father!!

Vote Kinky! Why the hell not!?

A day spent with my dad is usually one well spent, even if it is to get a root canal. It was dad who shared with me the news of Kinky Friedman's Texas Gubernatorial bid, along with other bits of trivia.

A conjoined McDonald's/Blockbuster Video is opening at SE 44th and Shields. I laughingly alternated between jokes about McBuster or Blockdonald's. Evidently it will be one of only 3 in the country (someone want to verify this? our fact checking dept is still on pain meds).

Hey Curt, this is for you!
You can look too if you want, go ahead.

There is a sign in some residential neighborhood in SE OKC with a sign reading "Deaf Children Playing". Dad remembers this sign from the days he used to commute to what was then CSU. Those kids are probably in their 40's now. We never see them playing anymore.

I burned a CD for dad on the trip and included (among other things) "Me and Bobby McGee". I always wondered about the lyric "I pulled my harpoon out my dirty red bandanna". If she and Bobby had hitchhiked how was there room for her to pull out this giant harpoon? Turns out that according to Dad a harpoon is slang for a harmonica. The things you learn.

I should have more and I do, it will keep for another time.

Prom tomorrow!! This ship of fools will finally leave the harbor!!! Flowers and balloons and insanity will reign supreme!! Check later for a full report from the red carpet. Depending on my level of nostalgia on Saturday, you might even be treated to the story of my own prom (good lord, remove your bookmarks and save yourselves now).

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