Friday, April 02, 2004

Love me, Love my Schlock

I had an entry, really. It was written, hyperlinked to hilarity and ready to go. Then I had a minor crash and all was lost. That was Wednesday. I am glad I make no claims to do this daily and am also happy to hear that you have missed my entries.

Wednesday (in short) was about how silly music can set you up for hours of giddiness and I only go back to explain this so I can recap a lunch conversation. I described my delirious glee at hearing Barry Manilow's Mandy and also how Olivia Newton-John's Have You Never Been Mellow has at times been a nearly spiritual experience. Really, I think it's like an Uta Hagen sense memory for me. Beth gets all glassy eyed and happy at the mention of Have You Never Been Mellow and says, "Oh, let's just sing that now".

We do.

Have you heard this song? It's impossible to sing without getting screamy and laughing. I faced afternoon classes with new resolve.

Nothing else I have is really relevant (and please pretend that vintage pop schlock is some kind of relevant). Comment with the schlock that speaks to you. Don't lie. You have some.

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