Monday, March 29, 2004

Now this IS a great state...or...what??

I never bought into that mentality of complaining loudly about Oklahoma. After all, I am still here. The main thing that throws me into a green with envy jag is when I hear about cool radio stations. Did you know that there are people who find their new music on the radio? They don't have to buy albums after hearing a snip of a song somewhere and hoping.

It's true.

Today, totally by chance, I stumbled on AccuRadio and I am as corny as Kansas in August!!! Their Twang option has both alt and classic country (Hank Williams Sr, not Toby Keith) and the alt 80's station had me singing like a Jr High girl to the tunes of my youth. Best of all: my school doesn't block it...yet.

Remember the old "Catch Phrases of the 90's"? I very suddenly remembered two yesterday.

-"They pelted us with rocks and garbage."
-"I do and do and do for you kids and this is the thanks I get."

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