Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Librarians are Dangerous

So Beth says to me, "Boy, if I had a blog, I would sure have something to say!!!" Don't say that to me if I know you can write, I just might grant your wish. Ladies and Gentlemen, a guest blog...

According to the FBI, I am the ultimate sinner. I just finished a book that had child kidnapping, prostitution, and parental murder. The previous book I read had murder and incest. I am a very bad person. Alright let me back up. This morning on NPR I heard that an FBI agent in the Terry Nichols case testified that Mr. Nichols had in his possession a book (I believe it was Hunter or Manhunter) were the main character blows up a building. Ergo, this proves Mr. Nichols is a bomber. That scares me and it should scare you. One, that the FBI is desperate to find proof of his guilt and second that just reading a book implies that you will go out and do what the book says. Gee, the next thing you know they will be saying the same thing of movies and video games.

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