Friday, April 23, 2004

Dim the lights, pour the Ambesol

Things I should have blogged days ago---

1. Tuesday's writing test: Everyone wrote something. I am not allowed to see what they wrote, but pencils moved across answer booklets for at least 1/2 hour. One kid even asked if I could make him a copy of his writing because he felt like it was so good (isn't that cool! Sadly, I couldn't.)

2. The rest of Tuesday brought hilarity in my other classes.
-2a. In Humanities, we discovered that Martin Luther invented the stapler! Kid said "Yeah, and the thing is when Luther stapled the theses...". "Um...stapled??" (kid laughs) "Yeah, the swingline."
-2b. Communications brought the catchphrase "It's gonna be gihad!". We are choosing our Project Citizen topics and these are some scary smart kids.

3. If anyone was traveling 89th street or was in the Walgreen's at midnight on Wednesday, I have not been stricken with Tourette's. It was a horrid toothache that had me growling, pounding the steering wheel of my car, and nearly knocking you over while you looked at ace bandages.

4. God bless Ambesol

5. I will get in with the dentist today if I have to go to a vet!!!

6. Jill, please write the guest blog on "Boys lie/suck/or whatever". I want to recount our conversation but will mess it up.

7. I have new blog joy whose name is Mimi Smartypants. She is the funniest woman ever!!

8. Along those lines, I have found the manufacturers of my favorite pencil and will now seek out these fine products. If ever you should need a quick gift for me (and really, don't. it will just make me squirm), go here. Love this stuff.

I am off to call every dentist within 5 miles of my zip code. Nice.

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