Saturday, April 17, 2004

She is insane with three entries in a day!!!

Anyone else enjoying Speech Teacher? Episode III is up (hey, I don't know either, he just keeps 'em coming) and I will tip you off with exclusive Ramblin Educat backstory.

I have had numerous members of a prominant OKC car dealership family in class. You do the geography, I don't want to name names. Location of school+location of dealerships=your answer. I take no responsibility for the bad diction in their television ads. Keaton noticed it...I only had the kids, not the parents.

Tomorrow, Keaton pretends that Speech Teacher mania has swept the nation and plans to run a documentary "Making of Speech Teacher". This edition should contain the early sketches of mine (gasp!) as we played with the concept.

I love Speech Teacher. I want to play her in next summer's blockbuster film.

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