Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Who do you think you are, Bjorn Nitmo?

Thanks to Citrus for a reminder of our long ago "Catch Phrase for the 1990's" craze.

Mazel Tov to Curt and Kenna! Both the regular readers of my blog will join you in wishing nothing but the best.

Other catch phrases that never caught on...

"Hey, didja know we get chapel credit for Braum's Requiem?"

"That wheel really is heavy."

Thanks for a great faux IM.

Wal Mart Neighborhood Market was almost placed on the list of "dead to me" when they did not have Diet Coke with Lime (do I get free stuff for product placement?) but quickly regained favor when they played Elvis Costello to entertain me while I shopped. I was THE ONLY person in the soup aisle singing along.

For the sake of my mixed audience (whoever you are, really, anyone reading?), I will not wax overly political, but anyone else know why Rod Paige is touching his temples in all those pics? Really, it's the only one I see. I will brush the political only to say that since I am also reading Black Like Me for use in English II, I have this vision of Rod Paige as sort of a Frank Keating version of the story.

A move to typepad might allow comments and pic posting, so I am considering it. I only say that after a conversation with a student of mine about (as my dad of the superflous article might say) "The Xanga". Can you be over 30 and do the Xanga? I know that both of you here would be facinated to know what I am listening to and what I am reading...I dunno.

Happy first day of Lent, so far I am holding to my commitment (a whopping 12 hours and counting).

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