Monday, February 23, 2004

So I pay monthly dues to a terrorist organization! I have so much to say about this and yet absolutely nothing.

Haul out the felt story board! We start discussing the Hebrews in Humanities tomorrow! I love looking at the "Bible Friends" (as I said when I was a 4 year old SS teacher) through this historical lens. Here we have been ambling through civilizations that were great because they were huge and innovative. We just finished the Romans, who gave us philosophy we still read! Then the book drops back and picks up this obscure society who was mostly held captive by those more powerful. "Take note", I tell my class, "the rest of the book turns on this chapter.". Wow. Most of the rest of what we will study will turn on the effects that Jesus' teachings and followers had on the world.

Not much else, the lone comment on yesterday's entry was in support of Hugh Grant as a major player in the Crib Chick and Educat project. Thank you Rachel, calls are being made and deals are being inked. Did you hear that, Jill? My next card to play is a Lyle Lovett cameo.

I am proud to note here that even Jill's husband, a ten years older Air Force sergeant, admits to the genius of this project. While watching Letterman the other night, I am told that Jill lamented the fact that other people actually make money writing comedy for Letterman--and he isn't doing hard stuff! She then declared that she and I could do such a thing for a living and what did Chuck say....

"Yeah, you're right"

Now, I don't want to infer too much subtext here but I am just sure he meant "Yes, you are right and that is one of the greatest tragedies of our era. Such injustice should be made right."

I am reading Lamb right now, sooooo funny and not entirely irreverent.