Sunday, February 22, 2004

Things I have done since this last update--

-Taught an entire rotation of Comm students and then some
-Cared for two ailing family members
-Gone through about 5 bottles of "make your hair curlier" gel
-completed my 5th retail Christmas
-lived for 5 weeks driving a one door car
-mocked about three people who never update blogs

*Sigh* Which story line shall we follow? Choose your own adventure...

My favorite quote of last week came from an English teacher at school, she has a PhD and has taught for a zillion years. When I corrected my own grammar in conversation, she smiled sweetly and touched my arm. "Educat," she said "we are Okies first and English teachers second.". Astute, Dr. Watson (no, really, that's her name) but if I take that farther then how can I continue my crusade against the use of "be" as an action verb? Must I relinquish my use of "innit?" at the ends of sentences in order to get subject/verb agreement? I'll get back to you on that one.

Once again, I will have to enter a loveless marraige in order to find a decent Sunday School class. My quest for the Christian life beyond the Fundamentalist world led Tonia and I to a class of three people who although nice enough, didn't pray in class! And they had the nerve to make a jab about the lack of prayer in public schools!! On our third visit, I dropped my opinion on the topic and suggested that instead of merely talking about God, we might speak directly TO him. Seems only polite. Beth howled with me later in the week that I must OWN them now ("YOU will bring donuts next week and we will be studying Moses and the Exodus, MOSES AND THE EXODUS!!!") I missed this morning...facinated to have heard what went down.

After a near brush with death, my Dad seems to be preparing for a Queer-Eye like makeover. He is endlessly facinated by my Bath and Body products (he likes tomato face scrub, pumpkin mask, and eucalyptus spearamint sugar scrub and body cream), seems to have bought a whole new wardrobe whose main focus is natural fibers. The goatee my sister and I helped him groom while in the hospital is filling in nicely and he speaks constantly of his running tab of Weight Watcher points. I just need to see him clean his ears with his keys again so I know it's him.

Jill and I have decided to write a screenplay this summer. Really. Now that it is in print it MUST HAPPEN. It is semiaubiographical, there just is no better stuff than the story of a public school teacher and a home schooling mother of four. Our first major development meeting consisted of much howling over the potential cast.
Educat--Renee Zellweger (who would love the chance to REALLY bulk up for a role!)
Jill--Laura San Giocomo
Educat's love interest who doesn't work out--Hugh Grant (you promised, Jill!)
Who did we cast as Jill's Husband? It escapes me...

Ok, my plan now is for you, gentle reader, to email me and let me know which story line I ought to follow. Perhaps that will make me more accountable to update. I have forced kids to journal for six years and I suppose it's payback time.

I am reading this blog a real lot lately. Good stuff.