Monday, October 13, 2003

Today marks Day Three of the PC Computer hostage crisis.

Tomorrow I plan to take a pic of my computer, dark and gaunt, holding up a copy of the day's paper.

What craziness!

What I failed to mention in my previous entry is that even with all the crap flying around in my profession right now, I am somehow handling it better. I have pretty good kids that want to work for me and even those who don't are mostly respectful. I am happier to do this job than before. Go figure.

Lots of time taken up recently by the Winds West Elementary Book Fair. Worked for a friend for an hour tonight and then was free babysitting for my fake niece the rest of the evening. We played a game I had to create on the spot called "Buy bye". We go to Hobby Lobby to look around and when she says "buy", I declare it time to say "bye".

We learn word skills AND economic restraint.

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