Monday, March 15, 2004

Get to know Ray Sanders!

Ok, I really try to take only a lightly political slant here as I really do respect the considered opinions of others. However, I am forced to raise my fist in defiance over an article in today's Oklahoman (I presume it is front page given the placement of the article online). I will simply paste the part of the article here for fear of misrepresenting it.

Ray Sanders, spokesman for the Baptist General Convention, said Baptists tend to be independent and rarely vote as a block.

"Certainly the governor is a Baptist, but we don't agree with the governor on this issue or others, nor do I know of anybody of faith that agrees with him," Sanders said. "It's an interesting situation. We supported the policies of Governor Keating more than we do Governor Henry."

Ray Sanders knows no one of faith who agrees with our Governor? Unfortunately, Mr. Sanders can no longer make such a claim as I have just emailed him introducing myself. If you would like to introduce yourself to Mr. Sanders, please feel free! I am gonna get this out and get it out good. God doesn't vote. You saw the movie, he isn't even American (contrary to the speech I was forced to judge at a pageant once, but that is another rollicking story). Please vote. Vote your socks off and disagree with me. I respect it! Just please don't tell me God told you how I should vote. I have checked in really really often for the 14 years I have been a voter and He's ok with what I'm doing.

By the way, most of today's posts happened in the hazy time between sleep and more surfing. I claim healing over this stinking cold/flu jazz tomorrow and will spend far less time online.

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