Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Best of All Possible Days

We're finishing Night

First hour--The class finishes today's reading on their own and on the way to turn in his book, the biggest gangsta in the class walks to hand his in while he's reading. He's walking slowly, almost reverently, to the front of the room where he quietly reads, slowly closes his book, and stands there just a second, as if to take in what he's read.

Fourth hour--They're slightly ahead today, so we'll be reading the passage where Wiesel loses his father. I'm reading aloud. I'm absorbed in reading about the disentary, absorbed in reading about a son staying at his father's side, and by the time Eliezer wakes to find another prisoner in his father's bed, I'm choking on my tears. I see everyones eyes pop up from their books, one by one wondering if it's ok to see their teacher cry, and as I pause to compose and move on, the biggest smartie pants I have picks up with the reading. We finish the book and the class is silent.

At the end of the period, he leaves class and stops to talk to me.

"Ms Educat, I was about to cry too."

I love this part of my job.


Smithie said...

People often ask me why, with the lack of respect teachers get, the long ours and insulting pay, do I teach? I just smile and remember these moments.

the teacher said...

You know for years I never bought into the reading outload to my students thinking that was too childish for my 8th graders. But last year I thought I would give it a try and not only did they get into but I loved it as well. I think it was so cool because it was something that I was able to experience WITH them.

I am currently reading "Uglies" and I tell you that I look forward to "Read Aloud Days" because I cannot wait to see what is going to happen. It is also kind of fun when something comes up and I am not able to read and the kids really get a little ticked off because they too were looking forward to it.

I guess nobody is ever too old for the finer things in life....

As usual, awesome post which is why I always love to read your stuff