Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughts Turn Lightly

This is just the kind of hard hitting news we've needed.

"Look, Martha, says here that kids don't like a-comin' to schoo when it's all
nice out! Don't that beat all!"

Ms Educat's after school club for kids who don't read good is struggling. Imagine a group of kids where all have failed some kind of English. Then sit them in a room in front of a computer from 4pm til 5:30pm. Than make it 80 degrees outside. Then add me. And don't stir. I force cheer--ffoorrccee it!

Threepete is late every day. It's hard for him to maintain a committed, loving relationship with his truck when Ms Educat is making him read Last of the Mohecians and answer gay questions (yes, somehow these questions love other questions). When he comes in late, I dare to ask him what could have happened. He glowers at me and says something like "Mmrgh mrrgh mrrgh truck, man, lea me alone!"

The Prince of Darkness isn't doing well either. He's chosen Left Behind for his free reading (and yes, I asked him why, and if he was a Kirk Cameron fan...). He gazes up into the flourescent lighting to see if he can shine light from his pentagram and burn a hole in the ceiling. He can't. I remind him that he would probably read faster if his eyes were somewhere near the book and with a look of scorn unfitting to one reading such a holy missive exclaimed,

"SSShhhhha! I've read, like, 116 pages!".

"So you're done? Ready to do the
write up?"

I'm pretty sure he just tried to burn my face with his pentagram.

The good news?

I made this one kid laugh so hard today that he got a nose bleed.

Awesome. My work is done.

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Ms. Jhee said...

Hahhaha! That just made me laugh aloud! I especially like the bit about the Prince of Darkness.