Sunday, March 02, 2008

Where, In A Headspinning Move, I Speak Out In Favor Of The Duggars

I am a single, left leaning, non-churchgoing, public schoolteacher. How is it, then, that I find myself in this odd position?

I found myself the other day, defending the Duggar Family.

Lunch conversation the other day was dominated by a woman I'll call Solipsista.

Solipsista is, as her name would indicate, a bit self centered. In her second year of teaching, she's managed to figure out the entire profession--and probably the world. She's seen it all, done it all, and is thrilled to recount the entire journey in a very loud voice.

So the other day, Solipsista (herself an only child) is on some sort of tear about how parenthood should be regulated by the government.

"Can you believe that people so stupid are allowed to breed!? And that they have
more children than anyone!?! It's like those stupid Duggars, how are they allowed to do that!?!?

I normally glaze over when she goes into a rant. Actually, I usually glaze over when she speaks at all. This time, however, I had to respond.


"Yes! Someone should stop them!"

"So where do you propose this reproductive line be drawn?"

"Good point," a friend contributes "I'm one of five and my parents are
one of nine. Hope we'd all have made the cut."

"B-b-b-but it's just stupid for them to have so many kids, and they homeschool them!!"

Now, I realize that as a single, left leaning, non-churchgoing public schoolteacher, my role is to cringe and vomit. I can't. I don't. I respond to her in a way that defies much of my being as a single, left leaning, non-churchgoing, public school teacher.

"Well, they take care of the kids themselves, they don't have any debt, and they
make their own choices. Kids are born to families, you know. They're not born to
the state."

Now, I stand by that statement, I do. But I have to wonder if, given the chance, the Duggar family would defend my choices.

Granted, the Duggar family doesn't need me to validate their lives. Perhaps it's that belief that separates me from Solipsista. Still, it would gratify me deeply to see a TLC special where the whole clan pitches in to move Jana off the compound into a sweet one bedroom of her own. I'd like to imagine that they'd offer that sort of support.

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nebraska girl said...

Good for you. I have to ask...who are the Duggers?