Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thirty zillion years ago, before the dawn of time, my buddy Ms. Cornelius tagged me with a meme. It's called the Seven Meme, but she tagged me so long ago I think it was carved in a stone tablet and called The XII Meme. Go read what she said and enjoy my answers, even if they are months late...

Seven Books (Or Series) That I Love
I can read these over and over…

The Little House Series
Poetry of Dorothy Parker (or any number of other poets)
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Anything by Merrill Markoe
The Bell Jar
Anything by Jonathan Kozol

Seven of my Favorite Movies
Raising Arizona
Any Christopher Guest Mockumentary
Places In The Heart
Coal Miner's Daughter (don't fight me on this...)
Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas
Closer (how'd you like that hairpin turn, eh?)
Emporer's Club

Seven Things I Just Can’t Do (Or Don’t Wanna)
Suffer fools gladly
Work in anyplace other than a school
Be embarassed about knitting in public
Stay off email
Keep my mouth shut
Tag other people for memes (sorry!)
Play any sort of sport without laughable results

Seven Things to Do Before I Die
String up that autoharp and learn a set of folk songs
See peace in my family
Perfect my ability to forgive
Knit that sweater
See much more of the world
Perform again

Seven Things That Attracted Me to Blogging
The possibility of improving my writing
Perfecting my funny stories
No more long emails to friends! They can just come here!
Small scale fame
Testing the theory that I must have the funniest life ever...
Here's where the seventh thing would go

Seven Things I Say Most Often
Have a seat until the bell rings, please
This isn't going away
Sweet mother of crap!
I'm about twenty minutes away
Where are my keys?
Has anyone seen my________?
There just isn't any way for me to answer this without sounding smart...

Seven Impractical Things I Think Would Be Really Cool Anyway
Yearly reunions for the kids from Camp Shakespeare!
English teachers with an extra free period to grade writing
Making learning the only priority in education! (I just stole yours, Ms C. I'm witcha here...)
Counselors and administrators rotating into the classroom every four years
Email for the dead (that sounds like a strange burial ritual, but I think you get the idea...)
School attendance no longer mandatory
Bi-yearly international vacations with the Crib Chick


chitarita said...

Oh, man, I totally agree with your last seven impracticals. Except for the one about the Crib Chick since I don't know her. Although, come to think of it, you have great taste in people, so why not?

educat said...

You'd love her, and since we're being impractical, consider yourself invited!

The Crib Chick said...

Man, how much would I love international vacations with you? *And* chitarita, since you do have great taste in people.

A taste you're only 35 percent likely to act on, fortunately for me, I see below. ;o)

Edna Lee said...

I'm a teacher, a blogger, and a knitter too. I relate to many of your wishes and dreams here, especially the "knitting a sweater" one. I've given up all hope for myself and have decided to just knit a really long scarf and then wrap it "toilet-paper-mummy-like" around my upper body. I wish you more success with yours.

I've enjoyed your posts! -Edna

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Shmoopie! You're BACK!

I hope that mean that really good things are happening!


Shan said...

OMG...this one hit home: English teachers with an extra free period to grade writing

I totally want that!

sexy said...