Thursday, August 09, 2007

Loose Ends

  • Thanks to all who have expressed concern about my newly acquired sock knitting habit. I did finish the pair you saw. And then another, and then a third pair. Granted, the last two are only baby socks, but it bears mention that I have made three pair of socks.
  • Remember Summer? Yeah, it's gone. My mind isn't fully grasping that I go to work every day now, not just when I feel like it. I mean, I've spent all kinds of time at school working, but not!! All the newness and potential of a new year puts me in a hopeful place.
  • Have you gone to Ms Cornelius to read her advice to all the new puppy teachers? If you just go and do it now, I promise not to mock you.
  • I have two swank "events" this month at which I'll be wearing a dress that doesn't go with ass-white (I like to think that arms the size of canned hams look better with a bit of sun) and so I'm *gulp*...tanning. I'm going to a salon called Sun City and I can't go in for session without thinking of the 1980's anthem. The song has long been a favorite song for my beloved Crib Chick and I. We like to fancy that we too are being called day and night to play the resort and even though apartheid ended in 1994, we stand strong and refuse to play. Because we're strong. Anyhow, I've started to wonder if perhaps in the future other tanning salons will be named for symbols of Human Rights violations. Sort of makes you think, mmm?

Happy Start O' School, edureaders.


lifeinsuburbia said...

Hi! The start of school holds a special place in my heart right now, Oliver is starting kindy!!!

did you hear the fabulous news? the swansons are returning to okc...woot!

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I think you need a summer vacation to get over your summer vacation.

Shan said...

We, too, are starting super early. I have been at school every day this week and we get kids Tuesday. We usually start around the 22nd or so, so this is a huge change.

sexy said...