Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How To Knit A Sock

  1. 1.Realize a desire for sock knitting. Speak of it often. (This step may take a year or so...)
  2. 2. Read every available pattern for socks, along with commentary and advice on sock knitting.
  3. 3. Buy a skien of dental floss thin, self striping fancy foreign sock yarn.
  4. 4. Growl and toss said skein across room when knitting with size one needles goes awry.
  5. 5. Visit fancy out of state yarn store and muse on the beauty of knitting socks with worsted weight yarn on size seven needles.
  6. Mix with eighteen hour bus trip and weeklong teacher workshop.
  7. Mix well, weave in ends.
  8. Wish for a moment that the completion of one sock now necessitates the completion of another sock.


T Town Tommy said...

Cool! Yep your gonna need two of them, thats the pain of doing socks lol.
Peace Out,

Adrienne said...

LOL! Love this post! LOL

becky said...

Lol. My grandma knitted AN argyle sock once. Good luck with that second one.zw

becky said...

(I'd like to thank word verification for the "zw" on the previous comment. Why do they even call it "word" verification anyway? Since when is qgcnzz a word?!)

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Girl! We spent a few days in Asheville this summer, and I was in that store!

But you know I don't knit, so I just browsed.

I hope you went to L.O.F.T. I loved that place-- it's a funky curio place.

You are the peripatetic one, aren't you? "Ramblin'" ain't the half of it!

You ARE going to do the other sock, right?

rebecca said...

Hey, good for you! If you wanted any further sock-knitting inspiration, you could go to my blog (xanga.com/fibermom) and click the "socks" tag for photo tutorials. This is just to reduce the yarn throwing, because I can see that you have the hang of it.

Scott Jones said...

you're doing argyle next?

Did you see that Mary Fallin was named one of the 50 hottest people in DC?

M&Co. said...

You know, I have NEVER had a pair of hand made knit socks. I wonder if EduCat would take pity on me and knit me my own pair.

And all I've got to say about that Mary Fallin thing is: NO!

M&Co at MyOwnCircleOfConfusion

sexy said...