Monday, January 08, 2007

The Second Coming And The Year Of The Sweater

It was my favorite yarn. It's makeup was 50% natural fiber and it was light enough for a warm climate. It was a good yarn in a pleasing color palette that was affordable and even more so with coupons from the discount stores. I loved it, but never got around to making the sweater I had hoped to make. And I just looked around, and it was gone.

And now behold, the Lord has heard my cries to restore a great loss (although really, this isn't the loss I was praying to restore...).

Behold, the second coming of Cotton Ease!

I shan't make the same mistake twice and so with its resurfacing, I now declare 2007 The Year Of The Sweater. So now, it's just about which pattern to make. Here are my thoughts, I expect pattern suggestions and well wishes.

Sweater guidelines:
1. It needs to be versatile and classic because I will want to wear it until I die (because even though I will do this once, I don't see doing it often).

2. Should be lightweight because I live in Oklahoma and work in a heated building.

3.Shouldn't be crazy difficult, but stockinette will bore me to tears over the course of an ENTIRE garment (remember, I'm not small).

So, all of this says to me either short sleeve pullover or a sleeveless piece to layer (for I am bare armed phobic). Perhaps cables? I have this vision of a big cabled vest or a cabled zippered round neck cardigan (also sleeveless). Short sleeve pullovers should have some sort of shaping to give the glorious illusion of girl-shaped-ness.

So there. It's the Year Of The Sweater and I need your thoughts. Any other new-ish knitters care to jump in with me?


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Oooh-- cabled zippered cardigan. Sounds complex, though. Is it?

Your-friend-who-has-only-knit-5-rows-of-yarn-in -her-entire-life-and-had-to-stop-because-it-was-so-tight-I-couldn't -insert-the-needle....

fillyjonk said...

How 'bout this one:

It's even designed for the very yarn of which you speak. I've made two (but in other yarns that knit to the same gauge), and I'm pretty happy with them. (And I live in Oklahoma, too) You can always adjust the sleeve length if you're into that, and you could probably make more aggressive waist-decreases if you want it more body-hugging.