Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Anecdotal Evidence That I Might In Fact Be As Cranky As I Seem...

1. I have graciously loaned the instruction of Humanities to another teacher for a year. Not much else to say about this, it's for the good of the team and admin wants me teaching more English. Today, the Asst Principal for Curriculum comes by. There's been a serious scheduling error, it seems.

"In your opinion, should Ancient Humanities be offered BEFORE Modern

Um. Yes. You see, the words "Ancient" and "Modern" in the course titles indicate chronology and when time is referenced, we tend to start with earlier events. You'll recall such wisdom from Sound of Music. Begin with Do Re Mi and leave me alone.

2. Child comes to class 45 min late. I give him all three things we've already gone through and the assignment we're working on now.

"Mang, we gotta write this on paper?!"

Nope. Write it on your hand and turn that in. Or stone tablets, that would be cool.


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I am also a tad cranky as well. But how did you bite your lip on either one of those scenarios?

I've rolled my eyes so much in the last four days that they're coming up 7.hurricane86

educat said...

Real answers to the aforementioned scenarios---

1. "Yeah, don't you think that's a good idea?"

2. "There's no way for me to answer that without sounding snarky. I do need you to use paper."

One of the many times this blog has become useful.

Perry said...

Hi EduCat,

I'm back from wherever it was I was. Write me at metzsimon@yahoo.com or leave a comment on my "blog," http://withallthedignityicouldmuster.blogspot.com/


Mister Teacher said...

You could have responded, "No, write it in the air -- that would be a GAS!"
And then do a lesson on really bad puns...

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Because we have one week left in this term, I am hearing comments such as, "I need to graduate and have taken this class 4 times already. What can I do to pass?" This being said by a person who has less than 20% of the possible points earned in the last 8 weeks. I think they are assuming I will pull 8 bazillion "extra credit" points out of my pocket and add it to their total (and of course with no work on their part). This contributes to my crankiness.