Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Someone Gave Calvin A Water Pill

I hate watching Calvin urinate. Especially when he does it off of a moving vehicle. The other morning, I saw a big ol truck (a Ford F4,908,704,708,472,863,593,629,505,736 maybe?) with two Calvins urinating off both sides of his back window.

The Calvin on the left was urinating on the word MOSLEMS--his spelling, not mine.

The Calvin on the right was urinating on the word ILLEGALS.

I think if I ever become a sticker on my car person, I'll have a sticker of Calvin urinating on Calvin urinating.


Wasp Jerky said...

Wow. And I thought it was bad when he started praying.

hornblower said...

OK, Calvin peeing is bad enough, but the new trend here is car stickers that kind of look like international roadside signs marking hotels, restaurants, rest stops etc - you know, very sparse line drawings in a square or circle? But the depictions are of various methods of, um, coitus.

Just what you want to look at while you're stuck in traffic with your kids.

brooke said...

but what i really hate? are those stupid christian knock off ones, you know? yesterday we saw 2 'calvins' kneeling before a cross. i asked nick to rear end that vehicle.

Unknown said...

I agree with you