Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We Get Letters

More than one of you (yes, that's right two of you!) have asked me if you should see Jesus Camp. Isn't it just more of the same AmericaChrist (tm) talk that we could hear in any of a thousand media outlets?

Yes, I would answer, it is. The impact is greater for me because of the use of children, but I betcha you've still seen it.

So here's my list of

People Who Should See Jesus Camp

  • People who maintain that there aren't politics in the evangelical church
  • People who minister (especially those who work with children) outside of that evangelical loop
  • People who can take any of the two above groups to the theater to see the film
  • and then, somehow, this group that I fit into. Somehow, this time when I saw all those images and stories that I already knew, it felt like a call to arms. It seemed as though my duty to teach critical thinking was doubled. How do you know if you fit in this group? Search me.

For the rest of you, perhaps you should just check the clips on YouTube and download the press kit (Scroll about halfway down the page.) It's got interviews with Becky Fischer and parents of the young people profiled that you won't find in the film. Either way, I hope it brings new discussion of this important topic.

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