Monday, May 15, 2006

The Adventures Of Educat And She Who Asks One Question Too Many

School today was as good as it could have been given everything. I have worked out a part time schedule so I can be around for my parents. The best news is that the hospital has wifi so I can share with you!!

She Who Asks Too Many Questions is the hospitality committee chair and she craves information. I wouldn't normally mention this, but she's a larger woman in her late 50's. This matters later. File it. I knew I'd see her sometime today and so I prepared myself with a simple answer for her questions.

SWAOTMQ: How is your dad?
Educat: We're taking it a day at
a time.
SWAOTMQ: But is he better?
He's pretty stable.
SWAOTMQ: So what's wrong with him??
Educat: (sigh) There's a lot of things. Swelling, kidneys, just a
SWAOTMQ: How did this happen??
Educat: (now a
bit fed up
) Obesity, Question Lady. It all comes from obesity.
(coming down a bit but still questioning) How old is he?
(knowing exactly the effect her words will have) He's young. He's 58.
SWAOTMQ: (subdued) oh.


Amerloc said...

Snark is so much more fun in person.

Glad you're finding time to exercise your funny-muscles.

EHT said...

I "those" people do that kind of thinking it helps you or does it feed some sort of strange perversion on their part? I go through this several times a week concerning my mother who is in very poor health (75 pounds). I know they mean well but the last thing I need is the Inquisition. Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

Clicked on over from Ms. Cornelius' page.

One of the Bog children was in the hospital four times with a collapsed lung (happens for no reason with some tall, skinny males - who knew?) and he was very slow to heal up. 15 days. You get to know all the staff, have good gossips, make suggestions they change the scent of their disinfectant (did you need to buy it by the oceanful?), mull over architectural plans of the wing they are going to build with your money... Every time my son went in he said, 'we were going to keep the room clean this time'. Ha! We decorated it for whatever holiday he was in for, filled it with plants and flowers, empty booze bottles (his friends used for flower vases), drawings, notes, cards, dvds, game systems, comfy blankets, pillows, books and magazines. Came close to bringing in his electric guitar and speaker... if we could have fit the drummer in we would have had the whole band in there!

We are coming up on two years since the last collapse. Crossing all fingers.

Hangeth in there and treat yourself to some special things. It helps.