Monday, February 20, 2006

Most Definitely Not Reactive

Because I know you were waiting to see how Sean Puffy P Diddy Daddy Combs handles his acne, I offer this real live quote from a Proactiv commercial I saw today.

"It's good because, you know, I got to keep my situation moisturized, know what
I'm sayin'? I got to keep my sexy intact."

Thank you, Mr. Diddy Daddy, for speaking such truth. The world has been waiting.


Jim said...

"Keepin' my situation moisturized" needs to go in the urban dictionary... well, it needs to go somewhere. Anywhere.

educat said...

Hearing that phrase made me wish I still was a part time retail lotion jockey just to get to say that.

Just for a second.

It passed quickly.

Mrs. Pea said...


That made me seriously turn red and cry, knowhatimsayin? ;)

Debra in TX

Anonymous said...

I have had the longest day.
with my "regular kids" and my ESL kids and I wanted to cry...
found this blog as a way to escape
read this entry.
and Laughed for fifteen minutes
sweet potato.

educat said...

Thank you so much, sweet potato! Glad you stopped by!

Anonymous said...

I can pretty much guarantee that you're being too generous by presuming that he was thinking of the one-word version of "intact."