Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hyah! Apostrophe! Back!

Do you think that clicking on this blog over and over and over again might stop the gross misuse of the apostrophe? That the beast may be tamed?

I don't, but as the website says, "You are among friends.".

via EdWonks


Anonymous said...

That is annoying, too. I also noticed this on an old story of yours dated
Friday, April 23, 2004
"Dim the lights, pour the Ambesol."
I assume you meant the OTC medication Anbesol.

educat said...

Indeed I did. Given the amount of pain I was suffering I am surprised that I was only one letter of and didn't refer to it as "Oh shit! The pain, the pain!!!".

It's amazing how many hits I get for ambesol.

Keep proofing, there are plenty more typos to be found! Like while typing this comment, I discovered my Valentine's Day post title contains the word "Ballons" rather than "Balloons".

If my occasional misspellings nullify this post, I humbly withdraw it.

Rachel said...

thanks for the link!

Cheryl said...

A whole website dedicated to my favorite pet peeve! Wow. Thank's for the link. (Haha- i crack myself up.)

EdWonk said...

Thanks for the mention. They're the stuff that our blog-dreams are made of. :-)