Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Sky Was All Purple There Were People Running Everywhere

My dad said the sky today reminded him of Amarillo in the early 50's. When my Grandpa was stationed there, he remembers school being out for dust storms. I wondered how similar the sky looked when members of my mother's family left here for Northern California to find work long ago (Yes, seriously, we have Joads in the family. Southeastern Missouri Hillbillies on my Dad's side and Okies on my mom's.).

A couple of days ago, our Lieutenant Governor declared a State of Emergency--except in the audio clip the news used, she said "decoration". I swear. I heard it on the TV news and confirmed it later on the radio. I imagined an Emergency Decoration--"Dammit, get some drapes up in this State and do it now! Hang some pictures!! This place is a mess!!!".

I don't know that I have ever found myself praying for rain until today. Just running through my head "pleaseGodletitrain".


Jim Jannotti said...

at least you capitalized God in your head as you prayed. I never do.

I'm praying right along with you. Are any of those fire threats local?

educat said...

Closer than we'd all like. Last week, they hit the suburb just West of my school and the most recent fires have hit the East edge of town, not far from my sister.

Am charging the camera batteries for a pic tommorrow, let's hope there's nothing to see.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I too am praying for rain in the native state. I saw the pictures of the poor people trying to salvage anything from their houses and thought about you. Hope you're safe.

Anonymous said...

Did you, um, happen to be more specific about where you wanted it to rain? Because we've gotten so much rain and flooded misery in the last week that I've been praying just the opposite. And it's dawning on me now that I didn't give God a whole lotta guidance on where it shouldn't rain. I just figured God would know.

Here's praying that some of our storms made it your way. In a good way.

educat said...

That actually occured to me as I read your last entry, Zalm. Perhaps we should switch and I will pray for dry?