Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Brighter Black Friday

Jim is already dreading Black Friday. It hardly seems possible that the holiday fracas is coming-a week away! It only just got cold and it feels like school just started.

With all the depressing events of the last week, reading his post brings to mind the best holiday blessing for me.

I won't be working retail this year! For the second year running!!

I'm not just being funny. I mean, I am paritally being funny. I don't miss getting excited when someone buys the biggest gift set in the store. I don't miss sore feet, counting the day's take and counting down to our sales goal, or wearing silly reindeer antlers (which, with the events of the last week would be more traumatic than ever to wear) while working to uncover your lotion and gift giving needs. It was an unnaturally crazy life and one I don't miss, but mocking the excesses of American Retail Christmas is only part of my message here.

My after school tutoring job allows me to work fewer hours a week and make more extra money. It's satisfying to be able to help my parents. Furthermore, I believe it's more helpful for me to help a child get that much closer to graduation than to uncover your need for personal care products.

We are again sharing Thanksgiving with dear family friends this year and their tradition is to read aloud a "what we are thankful for" list. This year, I can meaningfully say that I am thankful for Ms. Educat's After School Club For Kids Who Don't Read Good.