Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You're Fighting For Your Life Without The Chillers, Grade Killers, Tonight!!

How much research reports that comfortable students perform better? Lots of it.
How many teachers are told that this very afternoon we must give our nine weeks exams? All of us.
What day did our benevelent school district choose to fix the chillers in my building? TODAY.
Current temperature in the OKC? 87 degrees.
Current conditions during Ms Educat's final? Around 80 degrees with the fresh funk of fifteen year olds hanging in the air.
Let's repeat that: Fresh Funk of Fifteen Year Olds.


Susan said...


Jim said...

You're district is run like a... like a...

like a CHURCH!

Paul Chenoweth said...

If ever there was a 'hook' for a song, you've got it...87 Degrees of Fresh Fifteen Funk...I can almost feel the subwoofers.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Ohhh, yes. We got the funk! Everybody got the funk!!!!

Some of my kids who had me as a teacher in middle school as well as HS were reminiscing the other day about how I had to have "the deodorant talk" with both of them in 7th grade. And they apologized!

To my face! Yes, brothers and sisters, it CAN happen.

And I'm sure they were able to concentrate on their tests.

Mojo said...

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