Monday, October 17, 2005

ADHD Blogging. Pour Up A Ritilin Smoothie And Enjoy.

  • Jim won't, but Susan does. I don't think I will use adsense for Blogger because I am so giddily grateful that you even read this thing that asking to you click on a link is just too much. Yes, it's incredibly silly, but it's how I roll. Roll your own way with my best wishes, this is just me.
  • Do you think that a teacher might miss a child in a t shirt that says "I'm Rick James, Bitch!"? Ok, how about if there's two of them? And if they walk down the hall together? I didn't, and neither did my favorite Asst. Principal this very morning. Both mothers were appropriately mortified.
  • Two. Point. Five. Days. In. This. Week!! Twopointfivedaysinthisweek!!! Tomorrow I give nine weeks tests to my afternoon classes, Wednesday I give them in the morning. After a long leisurely lunch where I will chew my food and people will serve me, I shall spend the afternoon in parent conferences. After that, Fall Break. Thank you, autumn, for giving me a break. How do I roll this week? Not nearly as much.
  • New Goodwills are springing up all over my part o' town. They are large and clean and if you get there before I do, you can catch a "Knit This!" kit with yarn, needles, a learn to knit DVD and a sometimes usable pattern for about two bones. The newest location boasts an "Educational Center" department. It's painted right there on the wall. What does the department carry? Strangely, nothing educational.
  • Is it ever too early to think of summer when stuff like this exists? I am open to new Summer Nerd Camp options. Any fellow Educat Educrats (teachers who read this blog) are welcome to consider these options with me! Join me and do a nerd camp with a blog friend.


Jim Jannotti said...

Susan's ad(s)--there was only one when I clicked over and it was only on the main page-- is (are) VERY unobtrusive. That's not so bad.

I'm glad you're rolling your own.

At least it didn't say "I'm Rick James' Bitch." What a difference a superscript makes.

My humble thanks for the link. You rock. You know that? R-O-C-K!

Okay. Getting punchy. Must sleep.

Susan said...

I'm only disappointed that my content has not yet garnered me any really good ads, like for something naked or . . . oh, I don't know.

And the ad is all part of a complicated plan to NEVER return to work--think the blog can match the income of a real job, one where I would have to leave the house and be nice to people? Sure, if you all come click the ads!

Just joking.

Anonymous said...
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