Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Simple Gifts

Today I saw a boy running to class to make the tardy bell. He was busting a sag and holding his pants with one hand so that they would stay right below his buttocks (where they belonged?). His run was impeded by his poor fashion choice such that the running only took place from the knee down. The tail of his foolishly long belt was flapping in the breeze.

In twelve years of teaching, it's still hilarious. There just isn't anything funnier.


Susan said...

I have seen my future, running late to Ms. Educat's class . . . yikes.

Have you seen Clueless?

Unknown said...

Oh I feel old.....24 years teaching here....but yes, it is in fact still hilarious to see that. I can't wait to see what happens if in fact the pants do fall down and the kid tumbles to the floor....prolly get sued for laughing and not helping him get back on his feet....but wait...I can't touch him unless breaking up a fight...whew guess I am safe ;)

educat said...

Susan--but of course! I taught HS in 1995, how could I not have?

Saw a rerun on cable recently, forgot how good it was.