Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Proof The World Is A Different Place Over Here

Setting: Ms. Educat's classroom, afterschool English for kids who don't read good (and I know that sounds mean, but seriously, sweet as they are, they don't. Let's beg Kristen to tell the story of the say one of the KWDRG told her about Julius Caesar--please, Kristen?)
KWDRG 1--Ms. Educat, are those words for English on your board?
Educat--They are.
KWDRG 1 giggles a bit and whispers to KWDRG 2. They both laugh at my board. I turn around and look at my vocab list for Night.
Educat: (with a real smile) Can I guess what's funny? Did you know that sometimes ghetto is a noun?
I like these kids,when there's so much to learn, they never leave without learning something. The bar is low. 

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