Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What Sounds Like A Good Idea First Thing In The Morning, Review Of A Classroom Technique

Right now, this sounds like a good idea.

Right now, I think I am using my children's energy for good and not evil.

After a quick review of some literary elements, they get a handout. On one side, there are fold lines to make the paper into an airplane. On the other side are questions. Find a page number from the book that gives an example of such-and-such.

Give one answer, fold your airplane...

Now Throw!!!!

Catch an airplane, any airplane, do another answer...

Now Throw!!!

When the handout is filled in, check the answers. Change them if you need to, now turn it in.

Hello, I might be a fool, and I shall report back.

***Hours Later***

You just can't ever pick what part of a lesson will fail, do you?

You'd have picked the throwing of airplanes, no?


We can't fold airplanes. They asked if they could just throw the paper.

In the end, probably worth the trouble, just be ready to teach an airplane fold.

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