Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Because I Am Sure You Were Wondering, Here Is Sort Of How It Works

Educat: "After you finish the Afterword, let's start working on the setting handout."
Quiet rules for about 20 sec.
Dang: "Ms. Educat, how long have you been teaching?"
Educat:"Twelve years, Dang, let's work on setting OK?"
Dang: "Daaaaaaaaaaaang!"
Ritalin Boy (he's a new character, I need a better name for him, give me time): "Man, you been teaching longer than my brother been born!"
Dang: "Daaaaaaaaaaaang! (then sensing he might be in trouble [which he isn't]) Cause you look young, Ms. Educat!"
Educat:"It's fine, guys, but we have something cool to do soon, so really let's get to work."
Ritalin Boy stares at Educat, which frankly, creeps her out a bit.
Educat: "Seriously, Ritalin Boy, get to work."
Dang: "Daaaaaaaaaaaang!"


Wasp Jerky said...

I kinda like Ritalin Boy. But there's always Vitamin R.

Susan said...

Kevin! I love that! Vitamin R!

'Cause I have a Ritalin Boy of my own at home.

educat said...

Out. Standing. Kevin!

You all will have to go a long way to top Vitamin R.

But try, I need the laughs.

Wasp Jerky said...

Actually, the credit mostly goes to the band Chevelle. They have a song called Vitamin R, which is about our good friend Ritalin. But I'll be very happy if the name sticks. :)

Lisa S. said...

I think that Dang was in my room last year. :)