Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wait, I Will Get Even Less Depressing! Now With New Entries!!!

It's spirit week at school, and what does that mean? I have spent the whole week looking like a fool in the name of community.

Monday (appropriately enough for the fourth block fights)--I was dressed in Camoflauge
Tuesday brought Twin Day when much of the faculty dressed alike--we all dressed like the one Math teacher who wears khakis and a short sleeved blue oxford every day of the year. He rolls his eyes and is silently charmed, especially when we all show up at the door of his classroom for a photo shoot.
Wednesday--I don't like Hawaiian shirts, but I did it.
Today was Sports day and tomorrow school colors.

Bless my friend the Student Council Advisor for seeing the foolishness of it all and proposing a list. I give you---

Bad Ideas for Spirit Week
1. (and this was really suggested) Dress like your favorite Bible character day! Could this bleed, I wonder, into a day wherein we dressed like our favorite character from the Koran? I'll bring this up soon.
2.Dress as fruit!
3. Book Character Day! My friend brought this up, and I don't think it's that bad. Instead, I offer an extension: Dress like your favorite book! Like with pages! and endpapers!! Look, no one can fit in the desks!!!
4. Martyr Monday!! Carry your biggest cross around so we can crucify the Pirates!!! If you have a wheel, you don't have spirit!
5. Deadly Disease Dress Up!!!
***These Spirit Days Just In!!!***
First, a couple from an email conversation with an old friend from my Christian School days...
6. Fallen Televangelist Tuesday!--Rat up your hair and dress as your favorite televangelist!
7. Slain in the Spirit Day--No dress requirement, but at a preappointed time, show your school spirit by just falling over!!
8. Dress Like The STD You Are Most Likely To Catch!! (everyone should have at least one teacher who has worked Juvie. They cut right to the heart of things.)
...and my favorite after a week of fights, worrying, and general mayhem...
9. Fetal Position Friday--Curl up under your desk and rest for everyone's benefit.
Alas, our real jobs didn't allow us to brainstorm more than five ideas. Help me out and share your ideas for Spirit Week Gone Wrong.


Jim said...

Stop! Just stop! You're making me laugh so hard my family thinks I'm having a medical emergency.

Martyr Monday! Ohmigosh!

(talking to self) settle... settle....


Endpapers. Not fit in desks. Here we go again, call 911!

educat said...

Wait Jim!! I was just looking for a picture of a cross with a wheel!!!

I know you have a suggestion!

Jim said...

well, there this cross wheel

or this cross on wheels

McSwain said...

Dress as fruit! I like that. You could call it Hanes Undies day!

If schools out there are anything like schools here in L.A., you could have "dress so your tummy and underwear are actually covered day.". Now THAT would be a novel idea.

Karina. said...

There are also spinning rim cross tire pendants. Props to the mimi smartypants for that one. I love it when some good blogs come together.

McSwain said...

Hanes? I meant Fruit of the Loom. Guess I just don't know my undies well enough, but that one should be obvious. You could have a "Fruit of the Room" contest for the bes fruit in each class...

Wasp Jerky said...

That Bible character dressup could be dangerous. Didn't one of the prophets walk around naked for three years?

Scott Jones said...

No pajama day? We had a pajama day. Oh, and a toga day.

I guess school's are just too tame these days.

Greek Shadow said...

California raisins day, everyone puts on white gloves and a large trash bag with holes for arms and legs.
Cross dressing day, boys dress in dresses or skirts and girls dress, regular I guess, at our school most of the girls don't even own a dress or skirt.
Hogwarts day where everyone has to wear shirt and tie with a graduation robe.
A few of the rediculous ideas our activities director has come up with

educat said...

Our children enjoy being naked as well. I suppose the internets have made such evil fads come to the heartland with greater speed. sheesh

Jim and Karina--
No! A wheel on your cross like Arthur Blessit! At the base so it's easier to drag!!

Bible day is the most dangerous of all, that's why I long for it.

We normally have Pajama day. It's always Monday and it feels lovely to be at work in pajamas on a Monday. The thought was to go low risk/low effort for the first one so we get more participation. Toga day nearly made the final cut, I understand.

Greek Shadow--
Those are wretched! And so much worse because they are real!

...and to all of you--
watch for the new ideas discovered today. This comment is long enough so I will edit the post.

Scott Jones said...

okay! glad to know that things haven't gotten too tame out there.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

I noticed some of the comments on fruit of the loom undies day (dress as your fave fruit) um...dont't we get enough sight of their undies on a regular basis?? or is sagging out in your neck of the woods?