Friday, September 02, 2005


Forgive me for this thought, God. Bring peace to the Gulf Coast and to those who are working to bring comfort to the region.
Ok, that said.
Word has come that one of our counselors is being deployed to New Orleans. This is a woman whose professional greatest hits include...
  • putting 38 children in one section of Debate
  • scheduling an English II class with fourteen kids who've already failed the course and nine special ed kids besides
...and now she'll be working to evacuate the City?
I have a feeling she will send refugees straight to my 4th hour.


Susan said...

Perhaps she will gather 100 people for a bus that seats 40.

Or let the able-bodied and childless on first, as they got there faster.

Or . . . I could go on all day.

Greek Shadow said...

Do councilors come out of a cookie cutter factory? They all seem to do really stupid stuff.

eatmisery said...

We used to have a counselor who would give kids answers on standardized tests. Her son was a teacher, too, and she was still doing his lesson plans for him when he was 30.

I think many counselors have screws loose.

educat said...

To be fair (and I have no idea why such charity has hit me), the percentage of craziness in counselors is probably the same as that of teachers, it's just there are fewer so it's compacted (right? anyone?).

Inheritor of Heaven said...

I wonder if she is the one who put 23 kids in my algebra class then took 2 out and added 5 and then took another out and then added another 2 and its only the 3rd day of school.
I wonder how many she would send back to the superdome?