Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What Could Possibly Make Me Want To Write Curriculum

This is the last Tuesday 9:23 pm of Summer 2005. Tomorrow will be the last Wednesday of the Summer of 2005. The entire week could be marked with these proclamations. They could, but it would be annoying and silly and I would spend the last week of the Summer of 2005 in total solitude.

So I am coping. A yearly part of my coping mechanism is the annual Back To School really good haircut. I spend more effort on this last cut of the summer. I scour for pictures of short curly hair (not as easy at it sounds) in preperation for school pictures and first impressions. Today on a recommendation from a friend, I actually went to a "school o' hair". I signed my release and buckled in.

Turns out, I have a new best friend now. My student-stylist is the girlfriend of a former student and she was charming. She heard my need to be edgy, but not too much so. She did not mock my skunky roots, but tastefully masked them with a blonde that truly could grow from my head (perhaps almost the blonde that did grow from my head once) and the talk was good. She attended a neighboring High School and had several teachers I had once worked with. I loved listening to her tell how her Senior English teacher made her love reading when she thought she never would. She told me what she had been reading and I made some recommendations to her. She made me excited to start school. I remembered how truly fun it can be to share a book with a kid and how a class grows from sharing literature. I made her promise to get in touch with her Senior English teacher and tell her what she is reading now. I can check on her, she knows that now.

So I left with sweet scissor love, crafty highlights, a load of inspiration, and the curly hair product I love---all for fifty-five bones with tip!

Not a bad deal, friends.

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