Sunday, August 07, 2005

That's Me In The Corner. That's Me In The Hancock's Choosing My Easter Dress.

While this isn't as good as a real entry with writing and everything, anyone who---

-Grew up sitting at the pattern books before every major holiday

-Had to look at pictures like this and wonder how clothes would look on someone with hips (seriously, I think these ladies fueled the delusion that at 5'10" and 135 lbs., I was fat.).

-Was forced at one point to sport a bow butt


-Just needs a comedic romp through a sewing room

should visit threadbared now.

It is funny. That is all.


Karina. said...

Is this the support group where I admit to having made an electric blue and black dress with poufy sleeves for Christmas in 7th grade?

I don't recall if there was any butt-bow or not. I think I may have blocked it out.

educat said...

Have I told you the story of my mother forcing me to wear the first thing I made? It was a purple skirt and blouse and I wore it to a wedding. It was awful. One of the "church mothers" came and said without prompting, "You'll learn a lot from the first thing you ever sew."

I was scarred. Bring you horror stories here.

Hornblower said...

Ooooh, I love threadbared! I was showing the archives to my dh last week & we were giggling so hard we couldn't speak.

And I had a dress with a bow on my butt. But I didn't sew mine. Even in the midst of insane teenage optimism, I knew I couldn't sew...