Tuesday, August 30, 2005


 I can't comment from work but I wanted to respond quickly and let you know that it's fine.
There are lessons for both of us to learn, here. If you kept me up last night, it might be because I needed to reflect on myself.
Please feel free to email me off blog, my profile has my email. Please email me, I'd like to get to know you.
I hope you have a great day of teaching too, and thanks for being a "fake only in the sense of Internet" friend.
...and now, if I laugh a bit, will you know it's not at you?
I don't know how true it is, but I wear the badge proudly.


Jim said...

With all due respect to anonymous, who seems to have a heart of solid gold, I think cynicism is a spiritual gift. It is the cynics in the church that keep it honest. And it is people like anonymous who make the church a better place to be through their silent, loving service. I would love to have a church full of Gregs, Educats, and anonymouses(?!?!).

But, if may misappropriate Mr. Rumsfeld's idiotic quote, "you go the the church you have, not the church you wish you had."

zalm said...


Streak said...

Just catching up on the discussion. Was just thinking about it. Jim, if cynicism is a spiritual gift, then I received a double dose. Or at least it feels that way to me right now.

Still trying to figure out what church is for.

greg said...

It appears I am in the running for most cynical! Woo-hoo! Finally, I'm good at something!

Jim said...

anonymice. LOL!

Hey Zalm, while I have you here. What's with your blog? I can't get to it. Maybe it's just me.


educat said...

Thank you all for weighing in.

Anonymous, can I refer to you as 99 now? Anonymous is so ugly and cold. I want you to have a name and if I can't use a real one, well, you know how I tend to name folks.

99 has given some great food for thought. I think there is healthy cynicism but that, like anything else, it can spin out of control. I tend not to express all my cynicism here because I think I honestly delve into the unhealthy. Face it, Greg is active in a Church, Tim and Scott are ministers, and the McCarty's are dating a church. I've been sitting in Panera on the wifi trying to get grading done, afraid to be hurt.

99, you portray your Church well, and Starbuck's isn't the tipoff. It was the free clinic and the Compolo relocation sermon. I restate, your Church has helped my family through a dark, dark time. If I visit again, I will try to find you...when I can know who I am looking for.

I turned all this over today as I drove home. I thought of Jim's ideal Church where there are cynics and lovers and I thought of a Church where the things that really matter always matter and the things that don't do not...and we all know the difference! My mind spun thinking of how all of us would serve and love a community...and it makes me think maybe I can try.

Thank you again. All of you.

McSwain said...

Hi all- I'm a Preacher's Kid myself. I left church for about 10 yrs, but recently came back because I'd been through a very dark time in my own life, and I needed help getting it together. There's no "perfect" church, and probably never will be because there are people involved. And we're all imperfect. Thank God for grace, and churches are best when we learn to extend that grace to each other, cynical or not. It looks like all of you who comment here are learning to do just that.

educat said...

Welcome, Cheryl! I am so glad to see Susan's blog bringing great people over.

There's a good community afoot here. Some of us really know each other, and some just blog-know each other, but it's good community.

Check the blogroll, we'd love having you clicking around.

McSwain said...

Thank you, Educat! I found Homestead's Blog through a book we both love, and Susan's through Homestead's, and yours through Susan's... I've been clicking 'round because you all seem like my kind of people and there's a lot of great writing in your little corner of the web. I'm new to blogging, and I greatly appreciate the welcome.