Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Boy Dang

I would like you to meet a new student.

I call him Dang, because that's all he says. When he's not calling me ma'am. Seriously, how can you not love that? He has used "dang" to express joy, distress, anticipation, and disgust. He makes his own clothes too. Daaaaaaang, how can you not love him? What's more, he sits next to Pimpdaddy.

I had to leave the room for a moment today and I made him smile as I left the room.

"Dang, you're in charge."


Jim Jannotti said...

You can call me fuhgeddaboudit. But I'm not sitting next to ANYbody named pimpdaddy. Daaanng!

Susan said...

Have you ever had English Breakfast tea shooting OUT YOUR NOSE?

I just did. And it is ALL YOUR FAULT.

Dang that was funny.

(What do the clothes LOOK LIKE?)

educat said...

Susan, the pants that made me take notice were very well made. They were made of a bandanna print and, while not my style, were most eyecatching.

He's endearing, that one.