Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stuff I Am Really Hearing Right Now As I Type On The WiFi

  • "My dream is to travel. I mean, God has just given me this gift, you know? I have a real love for hotels!"
  • We moved here from Tuttle when I was a kid and I just look at Oklahoma City and go 'Get saved!'."

While I wait for them to say more, I will recount a recent conversation with mom. It's not a full entry, but good filler while I wait for more silliness...

Mom-I bragged on you at a wedding I worked at the Church.


Mom-I did. The flower girl was two and just wouldn't walk down the aisle. She just wouldn't. She wouldn't even carry her basket. I told them what a good job of walking down the aisle you did when you were two years old in Aunt Becky's wedding!

Educat-(hearing the Debbie Downer "wah-wah" in the background) Gee. Thanks.

I'm getting nothing over my shoulder now. They're recalling great Falls Creek sermons they have heard and I just can't get there.

So that's all.

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