Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just Blog-ness

So now I have just been picking, picking at my blog. It's like a kid with a scab.

I discovered last night with the help of Keaton that I have to choose. My new recent comments hack will not play nicely with the new comment system I wanted to install. There's something about this one command that both hacks wanted but they couldn't share so they would fight and it would leave a mark that said "Done, but with errors" and nothing would post. I went with recent comments. Guess you can tell.

So, whatever. I spent some time looking to see if there was another hack to use for my comments (I didn't find one) but then just wondered if there was a new bell or whistle I should add. It made me wonder where I was with blogging that I didn't want a mood indicator or a weather pixie or to let you know where I fall in the TTLB Ecosystem (Slithering Reptile, lest you wonder). I might drop a button or two when I finally find and learn to install the template of my dreams.


Van! said...

I'd totally do you!

educat said...

Of course you would, Van.

It's the yarn, isn't it?