Tuesday, May 10, 2005

She's Credit Recovery Bear And I Must Be Mean

You will forgive me if I get this out, won't you? I mean, I could die of the blockage and I have to be healthy for the sake of my ailing relatives. They need me.

Email today from counselor:

Fonzie intends to finish his 5th block English. How much does he have
left? He says he only has a couple of modules.

Fonzie has to finish two semesters of English in order to graduate. That's twenty-one modules. He has managed to eek out about seven. So he intends to finish. Intends. I intended to marry Simon LeBon of Duran Duran and make millions in movies as the next Molly Ringwald. Plans go awry. I nice these thoughts up a bit and tell the counselor. She tells me of course he realizes he won't finish two semesters. How about just one semester? Sure, I said, but he'll want to attend from time to time in order to accomplish this goal (he ambles in about once a week).

Let me know if he shows up today. He did discuss this with me today and
understands he needs to do 3 more modules.

Thank you, thank you counselor. Thank you, for you are a living Care Bear. You have the special words that no one else has. When you say "you have to show up to class" the meaning of such a sentence is finally spoken with clarity. If you were in the classroom, there would be no failure, no dropouts. Bless you, and bless me, the lowly teacher who only assigneth and gradeth the work.

He didn't show and I need a nap.

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