Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In Which I Prove To Be A Bit Of A Laugh Whore And Am Not Made Of Stone Where Colin Firth Is Concerned

Because I promised Kristen I would, I give you an entire web page of Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice wet.

An entire web page of Colin Firth wet in Pride and Prejudice.

There. I found it quite by accident while searching for the P&P pic for the earlier entry and now that I was looking for it, it was a bit harder to find so now I feel a bit dirty and need to walk away.

Kristen, you owe me a film festival for this one.


Karina. said...

I like the spray-bottle shot. "Wetter, dammit! WETTER! He's going to DRY!" Nice. And this is more for the previous post, but I've got to say, I always preferred John Taylor over Simon LeBon. But maybe that was my younger, more immature tastes. My sister's friend was in love with Nick Rhodes. I have many fond Duran Duran-related memories.

Anonymous said...

You know, those pictures are pretty disappointing compared to the film.
But Karina's right- the waterbottle shot makes it all worth it. See-
that's why these people are making millions- look what they have to go
through! ;)
You know, I hate it when men objectify women- and look what I am guilty
of. Following your evil links to see pictures of a man having just swum
through an English pond. But does it make it any better that it's only
because he's being Darcy? It's the character I love, not the man's face.
Listen to me try to justify...but it's Darcy for God's sake- Mr.Darcy. We do need to film festival- at least Sense and Sensibility and Emma. When Mr. Knightley says, "Indeed we are not," my heart stops every time.
Party at my house.

Kristen M

Scott Jones said...

I hate it when men objectify women too.

I NEVER do that. I'm such a good feminist.