Friday, May 27, 2005

I Just Wanna Be A Sheep (Baa, Baa)

Graduation rehearsal today. Somehow three hundred some Seniors wereherded onto buses and driven downtown. Somehow they were placed innearly alphabetical order. Somehow they were, but then it all went South.

Every time a student was placed, they would move. Every time we asked if they were placed, they would lie. Every instruction we gave had to be repeated for every child. Princess Grace raised her hand and asked if all of the Valedictorians had to speak because it would take too long. Another able bodied young lady asked if we could shorten the grand march (around the arena before getting to the floor level where they were seated) could be shortened because she was tired. I was told that no pimps should have to stand in line (I refrained from telling him to get used to it for he would be in many other lineups before it was all over. My sister suggested he get a note from his 'ho.).

So I have figured the narrow road that parents must hoe. Teach a child he is special while teaching them when to be a sheep. At your HS Graduation, be a part of the herd until your turn comes to cross the stage. Allow limited individuality. Sometimes it's not just ok to follow the pack, it's what you have to do.

We graduate some of the best ever this year, we have a perfect score on the ACT in the group. We have a kid who has already been accepted to accompany the Chorale at the University of Tulsa. There are several full scholarships in the bunch and some kids I have come to love.

But there are also the "rowdy boys", a group of athletes that terrorize any classroom who has the misfortune of existing near their lockers (this year, it's me). A group whose Junior homecoming skit was disqualified for one child's choice to hump the floor (I will open my comments section to anyone who wants to make the joke here, go ahead, it's yours). It's the class of the kid who was caught defacing school property because he made a face at the security camera before he shoe polished it. It's the class of Princess Grace and others like her.

I am ready to suit up in academic garb and go to the Convention Centerto herd cats. Think gently of me and of the class of 2005, we both have a ways to go.

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