Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Existential Crisis Revisited

In reference to yesterday's post, I got better. I still care. I probably care more than many of my kids do, but the introspection has been good for me. I am still offended when the swine slosh my pearls through the slop, but I have reached a liveable level of discomfort.

Today, I wanted to hear what the kids thought on the topic at hand. Enjoy these Noteworthy answers to the journal entry---

"We do a lot to congratulate teachers when students succeed; but when a student fails, how responsible is the teacher?"

Potsie says---"If a student has been giving any effort to pass then it's his or her fault. If the teacher is pretty crappy like most teachers are, then it is his or her fault, making the teacher responsible."

Chachi's response--"Personally, I don't want to do Project Citizen, but if we have to it I will because I want to get a good grade and try. But now that we're dropping it, I'm kind of glad and a little upset. I'm upset because some of the students didn't do anything or ask for help, even when it was offered by Ms. Educat. So I don't blame her at all and I hope no one does. I think that most of the blame goes to some of the students or maybe it's part of my fault, because I should have reached out to them or encouraged them more."

Educat Loves Chachi

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