Friday, March 18, 2005

This Is Why My Sister Still Refers To "Those Internet People"

Beth at CrazyUs gives the most astute quote about blog world I have ever heard (actually, her husband said it, but it's her site so I credit her).

"It is like talking about the absolutely most famous pop star in Kazakhstan. Outside Kazakhstan, no one knows, nor do they care who this person is."


EdWonk said...

They are right. But change is in the air.

Anonymous said...

BUT if you've been nobody all your life, then being somebody in Kazakhstan can be pretty damn fun!


educat said...

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to get into all the good restaraunts in Kazakhstan, but I just don't find myself saying, "And then someone left the BEST comment! And their link sent me 20 hits!!!".

NickandBrooke said...

Glad to see that you read Crazy Us too. I think she's sooo freakin funny!!

educat said...

Brooke! I have seen your pics and Charlie is goregous! Congratulations!

You have some fine mom blogging going too, friend. I love your Oliver videos.