Friday, March 18, 2005

No One Laughs At My Cousin But Me!

I found myself in a really odd spot tonight. A woman at dinner took a lot of the regular knee jerk jabs at the large-C-Church. She was full of "Oh, so they have women deacons" and "Well, you know, they're Baptists.". How many times have I said those same things?

Maybe it was because I felt she had no understanding of context, or maybe I had too much wine (Hey! Let's all get drunk and be Baptist!!!), but I found myself defending the very organization at which I am constantly rolling my eyes. It's a hard situation on the Baptist end as I with they could understand the larger world but also from those who have never been in the fundamentalist church. I think these people still live in bubbles too. It's a kneejerk liberal bubble and it's just as bubbly as the one the fundies inhabit.

So maybe I'm just anti bubble.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes.

I've been here. I defend the c of c, but haven't attended in 6-8 months.

Strange place we're put in, almost like God is saying something...