Sunday, February 20, 2005

You Must Make a Million Bad Stitches, You May Do Them In One Weekend or In a Lifetime.

Tomorrow, I go back to being a teacher and only a part time knitting student, so here is an update on my weekend poncho-ness.

I have a new pattern. I have a nice start on it and should be finished so I can assemble said poncho in class on Thursday night.

All this has got me to a bit of pride for plugging away at this frustrating hobby. My students tend to avoid anything at which they don't have immediate success and so I relish my bad knitting for a while. Sweaters cannot be far away.

More exciting news for yarn whores: it seems there will be a new Stitch and Bitch book about crochet!!


Streak said...

saw this and thought of you. I have no idea if it is worthwhile.

Knitting without tears

educat said...

Thanks, Streak. I am about to spend some time on the site. I do, however, think that most of my yarn sisters will attest to the fact that if you are knitting with no tears at all, you just aren't knitting. At least in the beginning.

Streak said...