Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wow. My Kids Know Me.

Quote from one of my students referring to my departure from the Baptists...

"Jesus gives you mad props for being a Christian even after you got
outta the game."


Anonymous said...

Can I give you mad props for that crazy picture you have up in the right-hand corner???


Scott Jones said...

At least it is less creepy than the picture you recently had, Kristen.

(in a vain, continuing effort to get her goad (whatever that is)).

Tack City said...

Sunday last we took the teens at our church on a "polaroid scavenger hunt" (there were no polaroids involved, only digital cameras). One clue was to take a picture of somebody who shared my most noticeable characteristic. One kid said afterwards, "I had the hardest time getting a picture of somebody punching someone else in the face."
I guess it's difficult to photograph blind rage.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I think the phrase is "get your goat".

And yes, it is in vain. ;)


educat said...

Scott, you can't get her goat but you know she does have a llama!

What could be done to get her llama?